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After the pandemic: COVID-19 and racial justice

Joshua Sealy-Harrington discusses COVID-19, the racial protests and the challenges we face to make our justice system fairer for marginalized groups.

Joshia Sealy-Harrington

In the latest episode of After the pandemic, my guest was Joshua Sealy-Harrington, a lawyer at Power Law, whose practice centres on sexual, gender, and racial minorities.


Sealy-Harrington discusses a range of wide range of topics – many of which lie at the intersection of COVID-19 and the global protests calling for an end to systemic racism. He shares his thoughts on how our justice system is embedded in a broader framework of capitalism that gets deployed against marginalized people. In doing so, he tackles the relationship between money and the criminal justice, but also addresses the need for better data on race in the justice system and police defunding. He also offers some ideas on how we should approach improving diversity in the legal profession.


It's a fascinating conversation about some real challenges the legal profession has to confront.

You can stream and download our full conversation hereAfter the pandemic (Ep. 05): COVID-19 and racial justice.


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