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Climate change

How to enforce the Paris Agreement

By Supriya Tandan October 11, 2016 11 October 2016

Last week, the federal government formally ratified the Paris Agreement. The year 2023 will mark the first time international progress for greenhouse gas emission reductions under the agreement will be evaluated and whether nations have met their climate commitments. So what if signatory countries are unable to keep their promises?

While the treaty requires countries to report on their progress, the targets themselves are not legally binding.

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PNG LNG: Where do we go from here?

By Supriya Tandan October 4, 2016 4 October 2016

Last week, against the backdrop of a calm B.C. Coast, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change (“the Minister”), announced that the Federal government is approving the $11 billion Pacific NorthWest LNG Project, subject to over 190 legally binding conditions.

It remains to be seen whether the project is still economically viable. However, if it does go ahead the Pembina Institute argues the BC Government will be incapable of meeting its own legislation-mandated targets for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

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