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The road to partnership

By Sarah MacFadyen March 10, 2016 10 March 2016

The road to partnership


You’ve graduated from law school. You been called to the Bar and landed your first job as an associate. Now what? For many lawyers there is only one goal left—making partner.

David Little, managing partner at Dentons’ Ottawa office, says becoming a partner is not the Holy Grail it once was. Some lawyers view the time and financial commitment required as more than they are willing to put in. To accommodate those lawyers, many firms have developed permanent associate and counsel roles.

But for those taking a more traditional career route, partnership is still the ultimate goal. R. Ross Wells, chair of Gowlings’ partnership admissions subcommittee, admits that money is part of the appeal.

“The road to partnership is certainly also the same road that leads to significantly increased income,” says Wells. “They sort of run together.“

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