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Lawyers not great at building relationships under pressure

By CBA/ABC National September 16, 2016 16 September 2016

At the CLC in August, CBA National caught up with J.P. Pawliw-Fry, a global leadership expert with the Institute for Health and Human Potential who gave a talk on performing under pressure. Above is what he had to say about lawyers in particular.

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The new face of globalization: Internal trade

By CBA/ABC National September 16, 2016 16 September 2016

In his latest column, Tyler Cowen refutes the notion that globalization has “hit a wall”, post-Brexit, and with TPP and TTIP on the skids:

Globalization isn’t so much slowing as it is taking new forms. The most potent form of globalization today is occurring inside nations, notably China and India.

Globalization typically is defined as the movement of goods, services, ideas, labor and investment across national borders. But many nations lack integrated economic relations within their borders, and thus they could reap high gains from trade by opening up internally. This is happening, and its logic very much resembles that of globalization.

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CBA Influence

Trust the market and just say no to regulations

By CBA/ABC National September 16, 2016 16 September 2016

Innovation is a Canadian value,” Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada says in an online consultation on the federal government’s innovation agenda asking for input from stakeholders in six areas:

  • Entrepreneurial and creative society
  • Global science excellence
  • World-leading clusters and partnerships
  • Grow companies and accelerate clean growth
  • Compete in a digital world
  • Ease of doing business

The Competition Law Section replied to the last item on Sept. 9 with a clear caution that if the government wants to foster innovation, regulations are contraindicated – open market forces, should be trusted to promote increased competition and innovation, it says.


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The profession

Omar Ha-Redeye on the false debate around lawyers vs non-lawyers

By CBA/ABC National September 14, 2016 14 September 2016

In the third part of our series of interviews with Omar Ha-Redeye, we asked the Toronto lawyer about the opening up the legal profession to allow non-lawyers to provide legal services.

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Aron Solomon on legal start-ups, using open data and taking on the U.S. market

By CBA/ABC National September 9, 2016 9 September 2016

Last month in Ottawa, Senior Editor Yves Faguy caught up with LegalX co-founder Aron Solomon (pictured right, the other is Jason Moyse on the left) after The Pitch, an event put on in partnership with the Canadian Bar Association, to showcase some up-and-coming legal start-ups in Canada. We asked Solomon about some of the challenges facing tech companies in the legal space and how to go about breaking into the U.S. market.

CBA National: So you just wrapped up the Pitch, and it was fascinating to hear from all the different competitors. One thing we heard from all of them was how critical and challenging access to high-quality data is for them as they develop machine learning as the core technology of their business. How important is access to good data about the law for a start-up to launch a product or service?

Aron Solomon: You know, there’s a huge range of products in so many different spaces right. So for example if you look at a family law product – like the one offered by a company like Miralaw – the data that would go into that to make that product successful is data provided by both parties, it’s not like they’re scraping open data.  It’s people entering in tax returns and payment schedules and child support plans and things like that. But when Jason and I do think about access to justice – and in no way is LegalX a specialist in access to justice, we’re about the commercialisation of ideas – the more we have data that’s open and high quality, the more really innovative entrepreneurs are going to be able to do great things with that data. We know from conversations that we’ve had with people in different provincial and state bodies, that’s going to be a challenge and be an issue for them.

N: What’s the biggest risk you see in using open data to build a product?

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