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It’s time Canada’s courts joined the 21st Century

By Kim Covert February 1, 2017 1 February 2017

It’s an idea whose time came some time ago – and then it had to wait around for someone in charge to notice.

But now the Courts Administration Service has announced an initiative to modernize its technological infrastructure to create a fully electronic-based system for the Federal Court, Tax Court and Federal Court of Appeal, and the CBA’s Federal Courts and Tax Court bench and bar committee couldn’t be more pleased, calling it a move that is both worthwhile and necessary.

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It’s a wrap! The rest of what we did in 2016

By Kim Covert January 31, 2017 31 January 2017

2016 was a banner year for CBA advocacy – we broke the previous record for submissions in a single year by 15, with a total of 97.

And 19 of those submissions came in late November and December ahead of the Christmas break, as CBA National Sections and Forums and the Legislation and Law Reform people scrambled to meet deadlines and respond to consultations even after Parliament rose for the holidays.

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Legal aid is an integral part of the social safety net

By Kim Covert January 30, 2017 30 January 2017


It’s time for the federal government to take a leadership role in access to justice, the CBA’s Access to Justice Committee says in a submission to the House of Commons Committee on Justice and Human Rights which is studying legal aid.

“Canada needs federal leadership in creating a properly funded, national legal assistance systems strategy, with services administered by each province and territory, and minimum national standards and comparable services available throughout Canada,” the submission says.

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Business law

Friends, family and angels: Lend me your cash

By Kim Covert January 18, 2017 18 January 2017

Friends, family and angels: Lend me your cash


Long before many startup companies do their dances with venture capitalist dragons, they have to have smaller, important conversations with angels – friends, family members and the kind of people who make a business of handing out micro-loans (all things being relative) based on faith.

“An angel investor or an angel round or a seed round tends to be early in a company’s life-cycle, tends to be a pre-revenue stage, sometimes even pre-proof-of-concept,” says Michael Reid of McMillan LLP in Vancouver. He’ll be one of two presenters, along with Robert Cowan of McInnes Cooper in Halifax, for next February’s Skilled Lawyer Series webinar Business Finance for Lawyers I: Raising Seed Capital for a Startup.

“An angel investor is usually someone who’s making an investment on a lot of faith. It’s as much about investing in the individual and the idea as it is about investing in the actual business.”

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Clearing the record: Suggestions for the pardons process

By Kim Covert January 11, 2017 11 January 2017

At what point does the justice system become unjust to the estimated one in 10 Canadians with a criminal record?

Depending on whom you talk to, a person could likely find injustices throughout – prolonged detention, delays in proceedings, inadequate legal aid funding and prison overcrowding are just some of the ways the justice system works against the people caught up in it.

A person who has served his or her time and been released back into the community can find it difficult to get out from under the stigma of that conviction – in fact, even people who’ve had charges against them stayed can still be negatively affected by their brush with the system.

In August, CBA Council passed a resolution urging the federal government to make changes to the current pardons process.

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