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The intersection of access and futures

By Kim Covert July 12, 2013 12 July 2013

The legal futures discourse seems to revolve largely around big firms in large cities. But that doesn’t mean that lawyers in smaller centres aren’t paying attention too.

Chris McEwan was called to the bar in British Columbia 30 years ago. He’s a partner at McEwan Law Corp., which has offices in Trail, Castlegar and Grand Forks, and his corporate commercial practice focuses on small businesses.

With his three children following him into the family business – one  is a litigation lawyer in Halifax, one is starting as a student with a national firm in Montreal and one is a solicitor at McEwan Law – the future of the profession is on his mind, McEwan said when contacted by National Magazine for a story in its July issue on the topic.

“I do not worry about their future in the profession; I think that society will always need good lawyers, both barristers and solicitors.”

Where he does see a problem, however, is where futures links with access to justice in small towns.

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The values proposition

By Kim Covert December 19, 2012 19 December 2012

The values proposition

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