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The role of competition law in emerging industries

By Holly Lake October 5, 2018 5 October 2018

The role of competition law in emerging industries


In a world where one of the few constants is change and the pace of it is relentless, emerging industries are among the drivers, with chaos and disruption often parked in the front seat.

Also regularly along for the ride? Arguments by some that these industries are shiny, new and different, and should therefore be regulated differently — or not at all.

But for Vicky Eatrides, acting senior deputy commissioner of the cartels and deceptive marketing practices branch at the federal Competition Bureau, it’s not a question of whether competition law and policy applies to artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cannabis or the “app economy.”

"It’s pretty clear that it does,” she told a panel at the Canadian Bar Association’s Competition Law Fall Conference in Ottawa in September. 

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