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Pandemic in the workplace

November 28 2014 28 November 2014

The CBA launched an online document for lawyers that addresses workplace issues surrounding widespread disease outbreaks, called Pandemics and the Workplace, A Resource for Lawyers.

The National Labour and Employment Law Section created the resource as a one-stop, comprehensive guide to help lawyers prepare their clients for a pandemic.  The guide brings together laws, cases and other resources from every province, territory and federal jurisdiction, and it recommends best practice guidelines for different workplace settings.2014-11-pandemic-image.jpg

A key message?  Plan ahead.  You don’t want to be caught in the middle of an outbreak without a pandemic plan.  Some of the issues to address ahead of time include, can employees refuse to work? Can employers force employees to be vaccinated?  And can employers send employees home at the first signs of illness?

This grid (.pdf) from the guide describes how a pandemic can affect the workplace in its various stages, clearly illustrating the benefits of having a plan in place before the pandemic reaches a critical stage.

Watch Sheila Osborne-Brown, co-chair of the working group that produced the document, discuss the resource - what it is, why it was developed and who it’s for - in the video above.

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