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June 10 2015 10 June 2015

The people over at fSquared Marketing have released the results of their survey on digital interaction, web and social media engagement in the Canadian legal market.  It’s a useful snapshot of the state of digital content marketing here, as most similar surveys tend to focus on the U.S.

There’s plenty of interesting information in there, particularly with respect to disparity in the views held by managing partners versus those of in-house counsel.

For starters, the report confirms what many observers already knew anecdotally, namely that legal directories have less sway with in-house counsel than they do with external counsel (though for 59 percent “they do influence their decisions to a degree”).

Firms would also do well to considering offering their clients better digital tools, such as electronic billing and online services.

Perhaps more relevant to the content marketing side of things, it appears that new media is gaining currency among the in-house crowd, with 54 percent reading lawyer-authored blogs to research potential outside counsel.  Better yet 49 percent value law firm attorney-authored blogs over media-branded ones.

And here’s an interesting gap between in-house counsel and managing partners: 54 percent of the former use LinkedIn to get news and information, compared with 29 per cent of the latter who use it to share information. Still, more than 8 out of 10 Canadian lawyers remain skeptical about the credibility of Twitter and Facebook.

Maybe Richard Susskind is right: Lawyers really are waiting for Twitter to take off.

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