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By Kerry L. Simmons, Q.C. Summer 2018


I’ve been a proud member of the CBA since I was in law school. After serving as CBA President, I can honestly say I’ve never been prouder to be part of this organization.

One of the highlights of every president’s year is travelling across the country to meet with members. I found them making connections, shaping their skills, mentoring the next generation and advocating for change on the provincial and national level. This is how you are using the CBA to enhance your success.

It is also how you make the CBA what it is today. And the best way we can recruit new members and keep current ones excited is to share stories about how the association makes us all better lawyers. Growing membership takes more than just advertising who we are and what we do; we also need to be ambassadors for the organization. So when I visited members, I asked them to really think about why they joined – and to share that experience with non-members. What’s your 60-second elevator pitch about how joining the CBA made you a better lawyer?

And there is more good news to share.

We’re asking and listening to fellow members about what they want and need from us. More than ever, member input shapes what we do. When you renew your membership this summer, you will see a reduction in the fees for the first time in decades! More of those dollars will go to our branches and the CCCA. And the third step in our financial transformation was to reduce our national costs. Our new governance structure is working well and our Board of Directors is the most diverse ever. It’s an exciting time to be part of it all.

Thank you to everyone who made this such a memorable year for the CBA. I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

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