Advocacy, Find-A-Lawyer & new podcast on addressing sexual assault and harassment in the workplace

By CBA/ABC National Spring 2017

A record-breaking year for advocacy

In 2016, the CBA made a record 97 submissions to government on matters ranging from privacy issues to various aspects of judicial appointments and the impact of judicial vacancies on access to justice. The flurry of activity was partly due to the new Liberal government’s busy agenda and its commitment to more public consultation.

A total of 24 CBA sections and forums, and three standing committees, were involved in preparing the submissions. The CBA National Immigration law Section was especially active, with a focus on the Temporary Foreign Workers’ program.

Find-A-Lawyer and Member-To-Member Directory

Two exciting new tools have been added to to get CBA members connected with one another and help the public with their legal needs: the opt-in only “Find-a-Lawyer” and “Member-to-Member” databases.

“Find-a-Lawyer” is a public-facing directory that allows members of the public to search for a lawyer according to their needs. “Member-to-Member” is a CBA members-only networking tool to connect CBA members across the country.

Both databases exist at the national and the branch level; a member opting into a database at their branch level will also be entered into the national database.

Contact CBA National Member Services: 1-800-267-8860 or, or connect through your branch’s online dashboard.

“Not Just a Bystander” Podcast

The CBA has released its new “Not Just a Bystander” podcast, presented by the Women Lawyers Forum in collaboration with various CBA National Sections and the CCCA.

Released on International Women’s Day, the podcast examines what lawyers, clients, and the community can do to address sexual assault and sexual harassment in the workplace. The podcast’s panel, which includes both men and women, examines the social, systemic and psychological causes and effects of sexual assault and sexual harassment; the male perspective and the role of men in regards to sexual harassment, and the legal considerations of sexual harassment in the workplace. 

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