CBA National is turning a new page

By Yves Faguy September 7, 20187 September 2018

CBA National is turning a new page

After 42 years as a print publication, CBA National magazine is moving to a new all-digital platform. Our last print edition was our Summer 2018 issue. In the coming months, we will be focused on redesigning the existing digital publication, growing our online presence and stepping up our recruitment of op-ed contributors, particularly among members.

It was a decision that wasn’t taken lightly, as we know that some CBA members will miss the familiarity and tactile experience of the print issue.

However, amid ongoing concerns about a challenging print market, the time has come to embrace and fully commit to an exclusively digital future, in which we will cultivate an inclusive and engaged legal professional community online.

Six years ago we launched the digital version of CBA National at a time when it had become clear that we could no longer stay on the sidelines and ignore the power of new media.  Our online audience has grown steadily since then, and this transition is the logical next step toward an innovative and sustainable future.

CBA National, as the all-digital publication will continue to be named, will be launched in early 2019. It will target both desktop readers as well as a mobile audience, keen on being apprised of the latest trends in an increasingly complex legal environment.  In the meantime, you will still be able to get your fill of legal news and views here, where we will continue to offer you a range of perspectives on developing legal trends.

CBA National has always grown from strength to strength, from its beginnings as a tabloid sheet. The insightful articles and commentary about the issues that matter to the legal profession, along with the coverage of the experiences that bring this Association together, will continue – just in another format.

As we set about our new direction, I would like to thank everyone who has been part of National’s success over the years – past editors, publishers, journalists, and contributors.  

I would like to acknowledge particularly the magazine’s past editors, notably Stephen Hanson, who founded National as a tabloid sheet in 1976, and Hannah Bernstein, who took over from him in the 1980s until the magazine was reconceived as a glossy magazine under the direction of Stuart Langford. In 1999, my mentor and friend Jordan Furlong took over the helm of the magazine, teaming up with senior editors Gaëtane Lemay and later Mélanie Raymond. When Jordan moved on, another friend and all-around great lady, Beverley Spencer, became the editor-in-chief.  Working with then-Managing Editor Katya Hodge and Editor Kim Covert, we succeeded in giving the magazine a style and personality fit for a great legal profession. 

All these people, along with many member contributors and writers, and art directors, have helped make the magazine what it is. I want to thank them for the part they have played, and for ensuring that my colleague Kim Covert and I, who are both staying on, are well positioned to take on the future.

Ever since its inception 42 years ago, CBA National has been part of an iterative process. We have gotten to where we are by testing, experimenting, tweaking and, of course, continuously asking members how we’re doing. That, we are certain, will not change.

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