CBA appearance on transgender bill

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CBA appearance on transgender bill


Last week, Marie Laure Leclercq, lawyer with De Grandpré Chait, and Siobhan O’Brien, associate with Hicks Morley, appeared on behalf of the CBA before the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee. The CBA believes the bill will advance equality in Canada, and provide tangible protections for transgender people from discrimination and hate crimes. 

It encouraged Senators to pass Bill C-16, An Act to Amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code, without further amendment. CBA National reported in March on how the Senate has been delaying and frustrating passage of the act. The CBA’s submission reads:

Bill C-16 represents a long overdue step to include these protections expressly in areas of federal jurisdiction. This is not a bold move, nor should it be controversial. The Canadian Human Rights Commission takes the position that the Commission, the Tribunal and the courts view gender identity and gender expression as protected by the Canadian Human Rights Act. Statutory protections on one or both of these grounds are already available in all but one territory (Yukon). In all jurisdictions, protections for transgender persons are implicit in the law.

It’s worth noting that the Yukon government introduced a trans rights bill in its legislature last month.  Two bills in New Brunswick aimed at expanding trans rights passed final reading last month.

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