Rule your imagination

By Lyndsie Bourgon July - August 2012

How to make creativity work for you

Rule your imagination Creative commons photo provided by winterofdiscontent

The key to tapping into your creativity starts with thinking differently.  San Persand, a former lawyer and creative coach in Montreal, says you need to physically train your brain to be creative. Your thought processes need to move away from the methodical left brain, towards the right. 

In an era of billable hours, lawyers feel pressured to constantly be working efficiently — not creatively. Focus, focus, focus, and eventually a solution will come to you. But when you’re stuck, the most important thing you can do is walk away — this awakens your creativity. It’s the only amount of small control you have over your imagination. 

Of course some legal work is pencil-pushing, and not everything can be rocket science. Kenneth Warren, managing partner at Gowlings in Calgary, says it’s how law firms handle that type of work that sets them apart. “Part of it is cultural,” he says. “Some lawyers wake up in the morning and when they read the paper, they see business development opportunities. Their partner down the hall reads the paper and just reads the news.”

“It takes a certain amount of learning to become creative and change how you think,” says Robert Korne, a partner in BCF’s taxation group in Montreal. “In tax law, there’s a learning curve. Working in files and exchanging views with others who have experience and insight… all that goes into the bank, and you draw on it from time to time.”

Lyndsie Bourgon is a freelance writer based in Toronto.
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