Outstanding CBA volunteer: Suzanne Morin

By CBA/ABC National April 16, 201816 April 2018

Outstanding CBA volunteer: Suzanne Morin


CBA National: What is your main motivation for giving back as a CBA volunteer?

Suzanne Morin: The work of the CBA is extremely important. I have been impressed by the level of work the CBA and its members produce. Because our CBA membership is broad based, CBA positions are for the most part very well thought through and often provide a reasonable position for Canada. Legislators and regulators alike seriously consider our positions. I am proud to be part of such an organization.

N: We’ve all heard the saying, “Be the change you wish to see.” What is it that you want to achieve by giving your time to the CBA?

SM: All of our time is precious, but I make sure to find time for the CBA because I truly believe that the CBA’s work is important for Canada and Canadians. I want to make sure that the CBA continues to develop high quality and balanced positions, and positively influence the public debate. As lawyers, we all have a role to play, to give back, to be part of the evolution of our legal system.

N: Has anything surprised you in what you've taken away from the experience?

SM: I continue to be impressed every year with the time and effort many CBA volunteers give every year. We have engaged in thought provoking discussions which makes for better positions, and I think we all come out better for it, with broader perspectives and a greater respect for other positions. I have grown as a lawyer and a person thanks to the CBA and it’s dedicated members.

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