Getting to know The Pitch finalists: PatentBot

By Yves Faguy April 30, 201830 April 2018


As part of a weekly series leading up to The Pitch 2018, the legal innovation startup competition put on by the Canadian Bar Association and Law Made in partnership with LexisNexis, we’re publishing interviews with the five selected finalists to get to know them better.  This week’s Q&A is with Valentin Pivovarov​ (featured in the above video), managing director of PatentBot, a legal chatbot that helps users register their trademarks.

CBA National: What are the origins of PatentBot?

Valentin Pivovarov: The idea came from our BDO Artem Afian and CEO Nataly Vladimirova. We saw that the procedure of trademark registration – which is quite similar in most countries – could be disrupted and this market. So our team created chatbots because it’s simple to create them, and easier than to build a full website. We started to build our bots in late May. Once we built a better version of PatentBot, we posted about it on Facebook and we got 800 customers in one day.  It was really impressive for me, because we had no marketing, and no advertising.

N: Explain what PatentBot does.

VP: If you want to register your trademark, it can be quite complicated. You need a lawyer, or go to a trademark office and initiate the process with them.  It can take approximately one week just to apply for a trademark. Our way is simpler. The product is a chatbot in Facebook Messenger that helps to apply for registration. You can check the availability of your trademark in Facebook Messenger for free. Right now we are doing trademark registration, which is the simplest intellectual property registration. But we want to do others, like domain registrations and patent registrations.

N: What’s your target market?

VP: Entrepreneurs. About 70 per cent of them are 24 to 35 year-old entrepreneurs. They are start-ups, and small/medium businesses.

N: What gives you optimism about the future of the legal industry?

VP: When I was at university in the Ukraine I figured out that the legal profession was way too conservative for me, and it needed to change. I wanted to build something special. I was inspired by companies such as LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer. In my opinion, access to justice is possible using technology, because the statistics show that 80 per cent of citizens of the United States can’t even pay for lawyers; they don’t know how to deal with their legal problems. And I analyzed the market in the Ukraine, in Russia and Kazakhstan and Belarus, and they don’t have legal tech. Right now in the Ukraine, our country has some challenges with justice and with corruption. But I believe that with these legal tech solutions we can change this — and if not in the Ukraine, in other countries, even in Europe.  Today it’s the era of chatbots. Tomorrow it will be the era of blockchain, and conversational methods of information, like Amazon Alexa, and Google Home.



Founded in: 2017

The team: Nataly Vladimirova (CEO); Valentin Pivovarov (Managing Director); Nestor Dubnevych (CLO), Volodymyr Yaroslavskiy (CTO), Oksana Kostkina (Software engineer); Artem Afian (BDO)



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